An Education Can Change Your Life

My education has greatly improved my life. I was a person that did not think school was very important. When I was younger I did very bad in school, and I thought that it was because I had a learning disability. In reality that was not the case, I just realized I learned differently than most people. It took a long time for me to actually realize that, so all throughout my high school years I truly believed that since I did not understand the majority of things that were being taught to me, that I did not have to bother to learn them. I ended up dropping out of school when I was 16, and I began to go right into the working field. I worked as a waitress in a restaurant for about six years and I realized that I was going nowhere with my career.

I always liked to dabble in art, but I did not know that I could make art a career. While working at the restaurant one night I talked to a college recruiter, and he told me that it was possible for me to go to one of the design schools in Florida. I was really interested in what he told me, because it seems like something that I always wanted to do. He told me that I should go to 29 graphic design schools on any search engine to find out more information.

I was very happy that that one person gave me so much knowledge. I decided to do tons of research online to look for different information. I found an art schooling page and I looked at different art schools across the country. I went to , and I was also able to get information about Wisconsin’s model academic standards for art and design education.

I felt like a new world was opened up to me, and I actually wanted to go back to school and get an education. I knew that I was going to have to get my GED first, and that is exactly what I did. Within six months I had my GED, and the very next semester I was able to enroll in a graphic design school. I am finishing up my last semester of design school, and I’m already working at a design company part-time. I can truly say that the education that I have received has already change my life.

Degree for my Kickboxing Instructor Career

I would like to get my Group Fitness Certification Certificate to better my career. I am currently the Kickboxing Instructor at the Martial Arts school that my family and I have attended for the past 4 years. When I started my new career, no experience was required and our Taekwondo Instructor is my boss. He has never asked me to get my education in the field and he didn’t require it in order for me to start, but I want to get it for me. I mean, I love what I am doing and I am very passionate about it. I believe that I making great income right now. However, I also believe that if I further my education and actually have my certificate or degree, I would be able to make more money, help more people, and have many more opportunities presented to me. For example, I would be able to show more modification movements for people who are having joint pain while exercising and I would know more about anatomy and help my students even more with the understanding of which muscle is hurting, what may have caused the pain, and different movements and stretches they can perform to help the recovery process along with preventive strategies. Having my certification means a lot especially when it comes to helping others become and stay healthy as it is a lifelong journey.Having the experience is also a great thing buy getting my certification will help me take my career a few steps forward!

Effective Tips For Online Degree Programs


Technology has made it very convenient for many individuals to get a degree online. Back in the day students had to be present in class in order to get a degree for the courses studied. Nowadays there are so many resources and online schools that offer online degree programs where students can study from the comfort of their home. Online degree programs are also great for students who work full time jobs or have children. Some degree programs offer a flexible schedule for students. In this article, I am going to share effective tips I used to find online degree programs.

Set A Budget

The first thing I had to figure out is my budget, how much did I want to invest on this online degree program. I also applied for financial aid but, remember it’s not good to rely on financial aid always have a back up plan just in case the initial plan doesn’t work out.

Find An Online School

There are tons of online schools and institutes to get an online degree from home. Be sure to read as much information as possible about the school. Make sure the school offer online degree programs and most importantly, make sure the school is legit. There are many sites that convey as online degree schools and give out faulty degrees. So, be sure to do a full review of each school. Apply for as many schools as you can because sometimes the school does not reply back right away. Some schools may not reply back at all. The more schools we apply for the better.

Financial Aid

As mentioned earlier individuals also have the opportunity to apply for financial aid to assist with schooling costs. However, be sure to save or have other monies saved up just in case the plan doesn’t go through. Check out the financial aid services for the desired online school chosen. Be sure to follow the instructions applying for financial aid can be a little tricky. Another essential fact to keep in mind is the review process of the application can take a while so don’t panic. Be sure to include as much information on the application as possible to avoid delay in the process time. This is where patience comes in, just sit back and wait for your decision. Either way when the decision is made it will make it much easy to know which direction to go.

Submit Submissions

Most online degree programs work similar to regular degree programs. Some require students during submission to send in transcripts, essays and letter of recommendations. I had to submit all three of these documents for submission. It’s a very simple process where I had to have patience. There were times where I didn’t hear back from schools in weeks. That’s why it’s essential to apply for as many schools possible. I found that applying for multiple schools increased my chances of getting accepted faster which I was right. Follow these steps to find the right online school to get a degree.

Improving My Career Chances through Cybersecurity

When I graduated with my degree in computer networking, I thought I had it made. I had a degree in a subject that I knew would be useful in the real world, and I set off to find my first job with the assumption that it would be easy. Everyone needs someone to run their office network, right? I thought it would be no time at all until I was settled into a a comfortable career with a moderate income that would allow me to support my family fairly easily.

It turned out that was a lie. While I didn’t have too much trouble finding a job straight out of school, I had a hard time finding a job that would pay the “going rate” for an IT professional. I ended up working in a “first tier tech support” job where I was supposedly responsible for answering the phones, offering phone support, and opening tickets for those who needed them. Instead, I found myself performing much higher-level tech support for a considerably lower rate of pay. It didn’t look like that rate was going to change any time soon, so back to school I went.

This time, I set out to pursue certification in a more specialized field. Cyber security has become one of the most important fields in the computer business, with growing threats to data security consuming the focus of many companies. In my area alone, there are several security firms that are offering a much higher rate of pay and better benefits than I’m able to acquire at my current job. When I have a certification in cyber security, the possibilities for career growth are endless. I’m enjoying the challenge in each of my classes and looking forward to everything that lies ahead. Being able to support my family is important to me, and I can’t wait to have a job that will allow me to do it while still working at a job that I love.

Why Education is Important

This day and age, education is important. Years ago you could climb the corporate ladder with your experience only. Nowadays, you have to have the education background and experience. This can be quite scary for those who have the experience, but not the education.

If you are anything like me, you know school is important, but why go? Well, for starters, school can help you gain a better career, more income, and most importantly more opportunities open up. Of course, it is the cost of attending school that can be intimidating to some, but that is where they offer financial aid for those who qualify along with government loans that have lower interest rates.

Going to school now can be pretty affordable depending on what kind of degree you are going for. Most people decide to go for a four-year degree, also known as a bachelors degree. This degree can open a wide variety of job options for you, especially if you decide to major in business. A two-year degree also known as an associates degree, is also beneficial, but that is equivalent to a high school diploma in today’s society.

With that being said, if you want to succeed in your career, education is the key. It is an investment you need to make for your future. There are many degrees and certificates that you can major in. You do not have to major in anything that you have no interest in using. Remember, your dream career is a job that you would love to do.

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